Where it all began

Back in 2010 Danny Withington & Chris Tamm had a informal chat about the possibility of opening a new style of gym. Dan, who’s background was combat sports and Chris, who’s background was football decided on something a little different.

Unconventional training sprang to mind. Battle ropes, sledgehammers, tyres and sleds. Dan had used it before when training in combat sports. It provided the perfect platform for something different in Liverpool at that time. It gave the public a new stimulus, something different to your usual bodybuilding or lifestyles gym. From this point on No Limits gym was born.

In the past 7 years we have firmly established ourselves as a leading strength and conditioning gym in the city. Coupled to this we run a highly attended and successful Amateur boxing club (now in its 5th year), giving children and adults in the community an opportunity to pursue success not only in the ring but also out of it.

Alongside the amateurs we have our own team of professional boxers. Currently the gym holds 8 pro’s, all of which are on the verge of big things.

Other successful athletes who have also been trained by the team include Tony Bellew and Paul Butler who have both won World and European honours under the guidance of Chris and Dan. Tom Farrell, one of our own (and also a coach) covered himself in title glory not so long ago.

The staff at No Limits have all at one point practised what they preach. There are no armchair experts in our gym! We believe everyone who enters our gym should reach their goals via educated effort. The support system and friendly atmosphere we provide, gives beginners the ideal setting for success.

We believe in developing clients and adapting sessions to suit individual needs. We ensure that they gain better quality of life, remain healthy and stay injury free. Whether you are a mum wanting more energy to play with their kids, or a professional athlete looking to excel in their given sport, we believe we cover it all.