Top 5 Tips For Fat Loss Forever

Statistically the odds of us losing fat and keeping it off are stacked against us. It's been shown in studies that more than 90% of dieters regain their lost weight within the first year. It doesn't read well. But we have 5 strategies here that we believe will help you keep it off forever.

1 Think “habit’ and “lifestyle” not “diet” Permanent fat loss isn't achieved by always thinking “diet”. Being “on a diet” or “off a diet” is not the mentality you need. Change the way you think. You can achieve sustainable permanent results from adopting new habits, and reinforcing them over the weeks and months to change your lifestyle. Nutrition starts with a mindset.

2 Maintain muscle. Rule number one in body transformations, minimize your muscle losses, and where possible NEVER lose it. Muscle is your fat burning secret. It stokes your metabolism. The more muscle you have the more calories you burn at rest. Make weight training a staple part of your lifestyle.

3 Be conservative with your fat loss approach. Slashing calories and taking the extreme methods aren't sustainable. They will take the enjoyment out of your new eating habits. You can't force fat loss. You have to work with biology and coax it out. The healthy smart way to permanent fat loss is by trying to lose as much weight as possible being in the smallest calorie deficit (while adding in resistance work) This give us room to maneuver when things do slow down. We can then change the diet and continue to cut calories when needed. Being too aggressive so soon can halt your progress and affect health and performance.

4 Don't spend all your life in a calorie deficit. We all probably know someone who always seems to be on a diet, but never quite gets to their goals. Spending too much time in a calorie deficit can have negative effects both mentally and physically which will slow down or even stop any potential fat loss. If you did hit a plateau or fat loss slows down, and i've cut calories for maybe a second or third time, or they may be even that low you can't cut any more. It's time to go on a diet break. It's your body's way of adapting to survive and so you need to change it up to induce new fat loss when you decide to diet again. So by giving yourself more calories you ignite the metabolic fire so to speak. Just like putting more wood on the bonfire the flames will initially burn higher and more powerful again. This is like a metabolic kickstart.

5 whatever you do you must enjoy it. If you don't enjoy something you'll never succeed at it. Yes at times you will get hungry, you may feel a little tired. Sometimes you might feel like your on your own doing it. But don't deprive yourself! Keep it enjoyable, eat out, be sociable, show yourself self compassion and empathy. If you pick a food choice that isn't conducive towards your goal BIG DEAL, just make sure your next choice is better. If you want to eat something “off plan” do it just make sure you have control over it. Food is one of the things in life we look forward to and enjoy, don't take that away from yourself. If you do you will fall off the wagon quicker than you think. The same principles go for your training.

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