Secrets to Fat Loss. Food Vs Training. Which is best?

First off let's say that's it's far easier to create a calorie deficit by decreasing your food intake then from training. People have often been quoted as saying you can't out train a poor diet - which is true to a extent. As you can easily out eat any deficit created from a workout in one meal.

The ultimate secret to fat loss is creating a calorie deficit and then consistently staying in that deficit until you reach your goal.

Nutrition is one aspect, by creating a deficit through reducing food. The other aspect is to create a deficit by expending calories via working out. Focus on the two in a intelligent way, create and maintain a deficit and you've hit the sweet spot. It takes knowledge, awareness, discipline, honesty and consistency which when mastered means your in total control of your results.

Why bother doing both??? Well you will get better overall results. Losing “weight” can be achieved by just reducing calories. But improving lean mass, hormone function, fitness and overall health is done when you apply a training model to the diet itself. Plus you will get your results quicker.

Exercise is also crucial for keeping the weight off and maintaining a better body fat composition. Simply eating less does nothing to improve your athletic ability, make you stronger or faster.

Dieting will create a smaller version of yourself with a better waist size. If you want to create a new you, more muscular that is leaner and robust then the training and the nutrition must go hand in hand.

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